The Simple, Effective Feedback Software


Give a voice to those who need to reach out.

Respond quickly to provide critical support.

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How you can Get and Manage

direct, honest employee feedback

in real time....

... and why you want to.

Support your people with a direct way

to express their real issues so you can maintain a healthy workplace environment and improve employee retention.

How can you help if you

don't know where the problems are?


You need a real time system so you can respond before its too late.

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Community Support Program

Our social goal is to see as many organizations and communities can benefit from our technologies as possible.

We are pleased to be assisting the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness as an example.


QuizzPoint Corporation is pleased to be working with the

Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness to support their efforts

to inform, educate and interact with individuals and organizations

on the sensitive issues of harassment and abuse.

1920 Yonge Street • Toronto • Canada

1 800 910 4530

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